25 Skincare Techniques That Every Woman Should Know

As skin ages, it has particular needs. Find out the secrets to keeping your skin in tip-top shape as you age.

#1 – Start young

It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin. If you keep it healthy with a good routine from a young age you will be ageless.”

#2 – Don’t sleep with makeup on

Here’s yet another reason to drop that bad habit. Not only will it be harder to break later in life, sleeping with makeup on decreases the body’s ability to repair itself.

#3 – Use sunscreen

The sun is one of the things that can damage your skin. Protecting your skin against it daily is key to having healthy youthful skin.

If you forget to wear sunscreen one day, it doesn’t mean you can repair it by wearing it the next. The damage has already been done.


#4 – Your daily routine

Maintaining a simple, but effective morning and bedtime routine to ensure you’re doing everything you can to take care of your skin makes a lot of difference to your skin. Step 1: Cleanse. Step 2: Treat – with an antioxidant in the morning and either retinol or glycolic acid at night. Step 3: Protect – Moisturize with SPF in the morning and a basic moisturizer at night.

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