Every Evening Runner Needs To Know This

Avoid the evening meltdown: There’s no way you can have an epic evening run if you’re too exhausted to move. To ensure you have enough energy to run for 30 minutes or longer, be sure to get a solid night of sleep the night before.

Eating right all day is key: Eat a healthy, 300- to 500-calorie breakfast and lunch, both including protein and complex carbs. Make sure both are easy to digest – it’s probably not the best idea to try out that new atomic chili at your favorite cafe.

If you’re running before dinnertime, be sure to snack on something an hour before working out – a combo of quick-digesting carbs and protein like a banana with a little peanut butter or a small fruit and yogurt smoothie is perfect.

Then refuel with protein and carbs for dinner. If you’re running after eating dinner, make sure your meal is easy to digest, avoiding high-fat and gas-producing foods.

Once your late-night workout is complete, snack on a little protein and carbs, keeping it to 100 to 150 calories such as a glass of chocolate milk or some crackers with nut butter.

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