Here’s 3 Reasons Why You Should Try Circuit Training

Circuit training is a fitness program that combines resistance training with a high intensity cardiovascular workout. It builds strength and endurance and may be one of the best ways to burn fat fast. If you’re looking to lose weight then circuit training may be the key to finally reaching your goals.

# 1 – Circuit Training Burns More Fat

There’s nothing quite like a blend of cardio and strength to burn more fat. A circuit training program is more intense than either strength or cardio independently. With circuit training you move through a series of movements.

You spend a specific amount of time on each movement or work through a predetermined number of reps. When you reach the end of the circuit, you repeat it. The goal is to work through the circuit a few times and to exercise for 20-30 minutes. For example, a home circuit might look like this:

  • 30 seconds of squats
  • 30 seconds on a stationary bike
  • 30 seconds of lunges
  • 30 seconds of shoulder presses
  • 30 seconds of jumping rope
  • 30 seconds of push-ups
  • 30 seconds of sit-ups
  • 30 seconds in a plank
  • 30 seconds on a stationary bike
  • 30 seconds of burpees
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