Lose Weight, Improve Your Intelligence & More With This Super Juice

At LifestyleHack, we love superfoods and superjuices that are power packed with awesome benefits and goodness.

Recently, The Journal of Psychology and Behavior published a study which found that anyone can improve their cognitive function and bodily health just by drinking just one glass of this power packed juice each morning.

Nope, we aren’t talking about vegetable juice. We don’t mean tomato juice either, although that vegetable also has so much going for it!

Which juice does this prestigious journal recommend? Beet juice!

Although this study did not look at the benefits of all vegetables on the planet, they did state that beets had a positive impact on the haemodynamic response.

Haemodynamic response involves the rapid delivery of blood to the neuronal tissues. Beet juice dilates the blood vessels and therefore increases the oxygen rate to the brain.

Another study performed at the University of Exeter found that beet juice also boosts workout stamina.

These researchers believe that beet juice can improve your workout stamina by affecting the way your body processes nitrates into nitric oxide, which reduces the amount of oxygen that your body burns during exercise.

These same results cannot be achieved by any other means, by the way, which makes beet juice your new best workout buddy.

After that morning cup of Joe, you might want to think about downing 15 or more ounces of fresh beet juice in the morning to get your head on straight and shine like a super star at work!

Beets work to create brain boosting power in a mere 90 minutes after consumption!

This means drinks a glass of beet juice at home, and you are smarter by the time you hit the office! This study also goes on to say that one dose, just one glass of beet juice, improves our cognitive ability.

You don’t have to consume this every day for a month or more to see results, all you need is one glass and you will immediately receive the benefits!

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