Top 10 Fat Burning Foods

When it comes to burning body fat, losing weight or maintaining your weight loss, the foods you choose to eat have a big impact on how your body responds and whether or not it burns fat or stores fat. Here are our top 10 fat burning foods that you absolutely should add into your diet.

The following fat burning foods are all healthy choices that can help you lose or maintain the weight you’ve already lost.

Not only that, but they offer other benefits such as muscle building, keeping your insulin levels and metabolism in check and other healthful nutrients that your body needs.

# 1 – Nuts

fat burning nutsAll nuts are good for you and contain amounts of essential fatty acids, omega 3s and alpha-linolenic acid.

If you really want a boost to these nutrients, be sure to snack on walnuts and brazil nuts. They are at the top of our list of super healthy fat burning foods.

Walnuts contain almost 3 grams of alpha-linolenic acid per ounce. They also provide mono-unsaturated fats.

Remember, your body needs healthy fats to function properly and nuts are a great way to get these necessary fats in your diet – just don’t eat too many!

Brazil nuts are good at helping your body burn calories faster and are the highest natural source of an important mineral (selenium).

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